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Family Prayers and Activities

Family Prayers and Activities © 2010 Resource Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.

Family Prayers and Activities supports faith reflection time in the home. Each weekly guide encourages you and other household members to gather regularly for prayer and faith experiences. The gatherings provide an opportunity to explore Scripture passages beyond those heard during Sunday worship. After the Scripture proclamation, family members are guided through a light reflection, chatty discussion, and prayer. You then choose an age-appropriate activity to apply the Scripture message.

The fifty-two weekly guides are arranged in six sections. Three sections coincide with the main liturgical seasons: Advent/Christmas, Lent, and Easter. One ten-guide series is based on Old Testament Scriptures, and another ten-guide series explores gospel teachings. These can be interspersed with guides for holidays found in the Celebration Days section.

To use Family Prayers and Activities, select a file, and reproduce it, including the copyright information as shown. Make a copy of the Table of Contents to use as a checklist. Since you may vary the order, the reference codes such as A-1 will help you keep track of usage.


Table of Contents

Advent and Christmas


Lenten Journey

Our Waiting Begins (A-1)


Knowing Good and Evil (L-1)

John the Baptist (A-2)


Rainbow Reminder (L-2)

Joyful Message (A-3)


Faith Ancestors (L-3)

Birth of Jesus (A-4)


Keep My Commandments (L-4)

Shepherds Give Glory (A-5)


Heart-held Covenant (L-5)

For All Nations (A-6)


Anointing at Bethany (L-6)

Jesus is Baptized (A-7)


Gospel Reflections


Worth More (G-1)

Easter Season


Calling Friends (G-2)

Announcing Good News (E-1)


Prayers Answered (G-3)

Together in Peace (E-2)


Nothing Impossible (G-4)

Hard to Believe (E-3)


Reflecting Jesus (G-5)

Good Shepherd (E-4)


By Our Fruits (G-6)

Saintly Recommendation (E-5)


Judge Not (G-7)

The Church Grows (E-6)


Healing Touch (G-8)

Disciples Do (E-7)


Compassionate Jesus (G-9)

Spirit's Power (E-8)


Be Leaven (G-10)


Celebration Days (suggested use)

Faith Foundations

Family Life (C-1: Celebration of Family)

Know Love, Know God (F-1)


Mary's Devotion (C-2: Marian Feast)

God, Our Provider (F-2)


United in Faith (C-3: Octave of Christian Unity)

Rahab's Faith (F-3)


Motherly Dignity (C-4: Mother's Day)

Virtues (F-4)


Facets of God (C-5: Sunday after Pentecost)

Speak for the Poor (F-5)


Dad's Instruction (C-6: Father's Day)

Walk Humbly (F-6)


Holy Nation (C-7: Independence Day or other civic holiday)

Fear Not (F-7)


Labor's Reward (C-8: Labor Day)

Don't Look Back (F-8)


Angelic Messengers (C-9: First week of October)

Anger (F-9)


Souls Spark (C-10: First week of November)

I Am God (F-10)


Giving Thanks (C-11: Thanksgiving)